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For instance, we have held Groupon several times over the last year in our attempts to get many of the brands to accept our program, but this latest Groupon event had 8 brands and $20,000 in prizes! To put this into perspective, we now have 50 retailers/brands on our Groupon List, have sold over 20,000 Groupons, and we are the fastest growing and largest Groupon program in the nation. How do we know this? We have even worked with some of these brands in the past. At times, one brand may say they will accept our program, but it does not work for other reasons. We have had to explain that they have not accepted our program but still ask if there is anything we can do to help. In other instances, we have been told by a brand that they will not accept our program until we are a year ahead. When that happens, we work closely with the brand to help them become more familiar with Groupon. All these are valuable examples of what we have achieved in the last year, and we expect to continue to work with these and many other brands. It is important for us to let you know that there are a few things about the Groupon business that we want you to be aware of before you become a part of the Groupon program. We are not trying to advertise any of the brand’s products or services – we don’t want our retailers to feel like we are promoting them. All we want is to promote the brands who have supported us and who we know will benefit from our program and share our cost. For instance, if our retailer sells a “beer special” that goes to a restaurant or group of restaurants, we want the Groupon program to be a part of that, because we have been working on it with that brand and we know it will work. It is like we are saying, “Hey, all of our retailers/brands are now working together to make your brands more visible.” When you are presented with one of our Groupons, you should feel like you are a participant in a joint venture and that you are helping the brands you love. As our retailer, you should feel as if you are a vital part of the Groupon program. Your company should be proud of what is going on and of what you are doing. We work closely with you as a brand and your company as a brand in our initiative to make your brands more visible to your consumers. This initiative is




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